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If you’re looking for a discount juicer, you’ve come to the right place! At JuiceBlendDry, our mission is to provide durable, affordable juicing, blending and food processing products that make it easy for our customers to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. We feature a large selection of new and Factory Certified Reconditioned Products from Omega Juicers, the only company offering Pulp Ejection Style, Masticating and Centrifugal Juicers to the consumer market.

We’re a Leading Provider of New Omega Juicers at Discounted Prices

If you’re interested in the most technologically-advanced juicers on the market, a brand new Omega Juicer is likely to be your best option. Our inventory includes the latest Omega product innovations such as the state-of-the-art Omega VRT 400HDS, a masticating juicer that builds on the success of the VRT350 and takes it to an even higher level of juicing performance. Many of our new Omega Juicers are available at far below list price, providing significant savings to our customers.

When It Comes to Discount Juicers, Omega Factory Certified Reconditioned Products Offer the Biggest Savings

You can also find a reconditioned discount Omega Juicer that can save you even more money. JuiceBlendDry is the only manufacturer-approved source for Certified Reconditioned Omega products. All of our refurbished juicers contain parts and components that have been rigorously tested, and any parts that fail to meet our high quality standards are reconditioned or replaced with brand-new parts. A reconditioned juicer can save you as much as 25 percent over the cost of a new appliance.

Who Can Benefit From Discount Juicers?

Our discount Omega Juicers can be the perfect kitchen appliance for anyone who wants to take advantage of the numerous health benefits of juicing without taking a big bite out of the family budget. Our long list of satisfied customers includes fitness enthusiasts, organic gardeners, individuals embarking on a weight loss program and parents looking to provide healthy and tasty food alternatives for their families. Our customers know they can count on us for the most reliable juicing products at affordable prices and our 24 business hour shipping for reconditioned juicers to anywhere within the continental United States.

Browse Our Extensive Discount Juicer Inventory

We invite you to take a closer look at the tremendous selection of discount juicers for sale at JuiceBlendDry, and be sure to explore our many delectable juicing recipes!