Emjoi eMagine Dual Opposed 72-Tweezer Head Epilator

Emjoi eMagine Dual Opposed 72-Tweezer Head Epilator


What is it: The Emjoi eMagine is a ground-breaking hair remover. It has 72 tweezers mounted on dual opposed heads to make removing unwanted hair from the root fast and comfortable and reducing the number of passes required to achieve smooth, silky, touchable skin. Its dual speed control is great for fine or coarse hair. And its sensitive cover hides some of the tweezers and is perfect for delicate areas like the bikini line and underarms.

Who is it for: The Emjoi eMagine is for everyone who has unwanted hair on the legs, bikini line, or underarms and who wants to remove that hair for weeks at a time. eMagine removes hair from the root quickly in the privacy of the home without the mess or hassle of wax.

 Why is it different: The Emjoi eMagine has 72 tweezers to remove hair quickly all over the body. The three disc system--one fixed-tweezer disc and two discs that open and close--gently stretches the skin to increase comfort and efficiently remove hair. Dual-opposed heads gently hold the skin taut, making epilation more comfortable and the staggered, dual-opposed heads cover greater surface area and grasp all the hair the first time. The middle lifting fingers draw flat and short hair into the tweezer discs and have antimicrobial protection by silver ion technology. 

How do I use it: Plug your adapter into the bottom of the unit and then into the electrical outlet. It is electrically operated and always has to be plugged in. Make sure to use on clean dry skin with no lotion or product present. To minimize discomfort, hold the skin surrounding the area you are removing hair from taut/tight. Do not apply pressure. Gently glide the Emjoi eMagine in short, quick, brush like or sweeping motions in the direction of hair growth. For your protection, your unit may slow down if it is pressed too hard against the skin.

From Emjoi.



  • eMagine epilator
  • Adapter
  • Sensitive cover
  • Cleaning brush
  • Travel pouch
  • Instruction booklet
  • UL listed; 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in China

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