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Omega Low Speed Juicers

If you’re looking for the best source for Omega Low Speed Juicers for sale, look no further than JuiceBlendDry. We carry a wide selection of brand-new and certified reconditioned Omega slow juicer products for raw food enthusiasts or anyone seeking to achieve wellness through the consumption of organic fruits and vegetables. Omega Juicers has been developing and marketing kitchen appliances designed for consumers interested in pursuing a healthier lifestyle for more than 25 years.

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Why Choose a Low Speed Juicer?


An Omega Low Speed Juicer operates at a rotation speed of only 80 RPM. This relatively slow juicing process, which is known as mastication, reduces the level of heat buildup and oxidation. The low speed juicer thoroughly chews up the fibers in the food source to fully extract all nutrients. The resulting juice product is high in nutritional value and tastes fantastic! You also get the benefit of less foaming, which can be a significant issue in a high-speed juicing process. All Omega Low Speed Juicers come with a variety of user-friendly features offering the versatility for a highly customized juicing experience, along with rugged and durable construction that ensures your juicer will remain a fixture in your kitchen for many years to come.


JuiceBlendDry Is Proud to Offer Omega Factory Certified Reconditioned Products


JuiceBlendDry is the only manufacturer-approved source for certified reconditioned Omega Low Speed Juicers. Every part is tested to ensure it meets the highest standards for quality and reliability, and every refurbished juicer undergoes a rigorous inspection process conducted by the manufacturer. As a result, you get a superior juicer that performs just like a brand-new appliance, but at a much lower cost. A manufacturer’s warranty is also included with every reconditioned juicer for additional peace of mind.


Durable Kitchen Appliances for a Healthier Lifestyle


At JuiceBlendDry, our philosophy is to offer long-lasting kitchen appliances that make it easier for consumers to pursue a healthier lifestyle. We’re proud to partner with Omega Juicers to offer a large assortment of products that help our customers achieve their health and wellness goals.


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We invite you to take a few minutes to explore each of the low speed juicers available from JuiceBlendDry. We ship reconditioned low speed juicers within 24 business hours to anywhere within the continental United States.


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