Health Benefits

Benefits of Juicing

Juicing extracts the pulp of vegetables or fruits, leaving the juice in smooth, liquid form. This makes it much easier to glean all the vitamins and minerals from the items you choose. For instance, when most people eat an apple, they throw away quite a bit of it. That means tons of nutrition goes into the garbage. However, when an apple is juiced, all the incredible liquid is squeezed from the apple. All that’s left is the pulp, which can be added to quick breads, soups, stews and more. There’s no waste. Juicing can be tremendously beneficial for those who are on a liquids-only diet, or who have digestion troubles.

Deliciously Healthy

Juicing allows you to consume a greater amount and wider variety of fruits and vegetables in a yummy way. A delicious, homemade juice creation allows you to efficiently absorb nutrients and vitamins without having to eat the bulk of raw fruits and veggies. Your stomach will stay fuller longer, and that means you’ll avoid the two o’clock snack cravings that can bring so many diets to a halt.

Energy Boost

Juicing is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. Increasing energy levels, juicing gives you that extra boost you need to perform at your highest potential in everything from exercising to your daily life routine. This is because juicing extracts all the nutrients from the items you juice, whether they’re fruits or vegetables. Many people who begin juicing report feeling an increase in energy and mood from day one.

Family Nutrition

It’s no secret that getting kids to eat their veggies is a challenge for any parent. Juicing is an easy solution! With the right mix of healthy veggies and delicious fruits, the whole family will be eating more vegetables than ever before. Your kids can learn from the start that eating healthy DOES taste good.

Plus, they can become mini-chefs, making their own juicing creations (under the watchful eye of a parent or guardian.) Encourage them to discover new fruits and veggies, and blend them together for unique taste sensations. After-school snacks made in the juicer aren’t just fun, but they’re also nutritionally sound.


What is a Low Speed Juicer?

Not only is juicing healthy, it’s fun too! You can search on the Internet for juicy ideas or bring out your creative side and experiment with homemade mixtures. Swap recipes and try out new creations with your friends. There’s always something new to try. For instance, you may want to add almond milk, chia seeds, exotic spices or other items into your daily juices. Experiment as much as you’d like, and make sure to write down your favorites. Juicing is anything but boring — you’ll be surprised by all the flavors it’s possible to recreate.

A Low Speed Juicer actually juices faster than most typical, high-speed juicers because it juices in a different, low-speed way. Using masticating and pressing methods of extraction, a slow juicer crushes and presses the food, squeezing out more juice.

What are benefits of Low Speed Juicing?

More Juice

Low Speed Juicing produces considerably more juice from the same foods, with much drier pulp. You can then use the pulp in other recipes, or add it to a compost pile to eliminate the worry of any waste.

Healthy Capabilities

The low-speed system can juice fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, wheatgrass and even soybeans. You’ll be surprised at how much liquid is in foods you wouldn’t ordinarily think of juicing.

Tasty and Colorful

Slow juicing preserves and releases deep-rooted nutrients and enzymes, to maintain your food’s natural, tasty flavor. Also, it yields a richer colored juice because it breaks up more of the phytonutrients.

Benefits of Blending

Blending simply combines all ingredients placed in the blender, leaving the pulp and fiber intact. If you choose to blend rather than use a juicer, make sure you add some liquid — such as almond milk, coconut water or soy milk — to the mixture. This will make sure your blended drink isn’t chunky or difficult to blend.

Enhance Nutrition

Like juicing, blending allows you to consume more fruits and vegetables than if they were raw and to explore a wider variety. You are given the ability to mask those nutrient rich vegetables that you normally may not enjoy in a delicious smoothie.

A Healthy Filling

Blending creates voluminous drinks containing whole fruits and vegetables, including healthy fiber. It enables you to absorb the nutrients and vitamins you want while filling you up in a light, healthy way. You can expect to stay full after drinking a blended juice drink much longer than if you simply eat an apple or a granola bar.

Exercise Enrichment

Blending also gives you that extra boost of energy you need to perform at your highest potential. A nutrient packed shake for pre or post workout enhances your body’s positive response and with the right ingredients can help stimulate your metabolism.


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