What Is a Reconditioned Juicer?

Reconditioned/refurbished juicers are appliances that are restored to like-new condition. At JuiceBlendDry, every refurbished juicer we sell is equipped with parts that undergo a rigorous testing procedure to ensure they deliver the same high level of performance as brand-new parts. All defective parts are reconditioned or replaced. Omega Juicers carefully inspects each juicer before they can be offered for sale to consumers to provide the highest level of quality control.

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing Reconditioned Omega Juicers?

The most obvious benefit of a refurbished Omega Juicer is the much lower price. In many cases, a refurbished juicer can save you $100 or more over the cost of a brand-new appliance, resulting in savings of up to 25 percent. You get the benefit of a reliable product that helps you in your quest to live a healthier lifestyle at a fraction of the cost. We also include a manufacturer’s warranty with all factory reconditioned Omega Juicers for additional peace of mind. In short, our reconditioned appliances can offer the greatest value for your hard-earned dollar.

Why Else Should You Buy a Reconditioned Juicer at JuiceBlendDry?

In addition to our status as the only manufacturer-approved source for certified reconditioned Omega products, JuiceBlendDry is a company fully committed to serving the needs of our customer base. We strive to provide our customers with durable kitchen appliances that make living a healthy lifestyle as simple as possible. Our products are favored by raw food enthusiasts, those interested in achieving optimal health through cleansing and detoxification, and organic fruit and vegetable lovers everywhere. In addition to our superior products, we’re also a trusted resource for delicious and nutritious juicing recipes you and your family are sure to love!

View Our Selection of Factory Reconditioned Omega Juicers

We invite you to browse our inventory of reconditioned Omega Juicers to learn more about the features and benefits each appliance has to offer. And don’t forget that we also offer 24 business hour shipping to anywhere within the continental United States.

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